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Hootie Hoo is a collection created by the newer but very popular e liquid brand Hornco Liquids, who has also created other collections like, Horn Reserve, and Revenge Vapes.

Hootie Hoo is a brand new e juice brand that will knock you off your feet!

The owl on each of these bottles sure does know how to make a premium vape juice! Each premium flavor in this e liquid brand is based on different candy flavors that you will immediately fall in love with!

Some vape juice flavors you will find in this collection are Hella, which is hella good, Ballin, it will make you feel like you’re ballin, and Player Hater, which will make you hate the player, not the game…

Each one of these three e juices will keep you on your toes and constantly begging for more no matter what vape juice you choose to make your new all day vape!

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