Phat Phog

When it's time to create a juice line, what better place to start than going back to your roots where it all began, the reason you are even in this situation!... The love for your past and the hope for the future...

We present to you PHAT PHOG!... It’s loud, it’s proud and will always leave you wanting more!

All their flavours have a prominent resonance to us hence we've decided to bring them “back to the streets”! Every inhale sends you back in time when picking that can, carton or wrapped treat from the local store was the highlight of the day. The Phat Phog team has been working night and day to bring you the most coil friendly, super tasty and 100% genuine Malaysian e-liquid blends.

We hope you have the opportunity to try our amazing liquids and join the Phat Phog cult!

Phat Phog

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