Ohm Boyz Drip City

Ohmboyz Mod Club was established in 2014 and founded by Alex D.Trouble Caza, in time, the Ohmboyz family grew with over 100 members worldwide, which most have their own passions, talents and skills specializing in Cloud Chasing, Coil building, Vape bending, Forgers, Welders, Metallurgists, Engineers, Artists, Vape Vendors, Teachers and specially the art of e-juice Mixology.

ODC Urban ejuice collection was created in early 2016, when Alex who owns a vape shop and had experienced many ejuice lines around the world, had the projections in making an Ohmboyz ejuice line, after encountering a few members with skillful ejuice creations, Alex had the idea into carefully producing his crafty flavor assemblage in extreme laboratory conditions... this positive synergy is responsible for making some of the finest tasting ejuice to the world of vaper aficionados.

ODC only uses the highest quality flavoring imported from different parts of the world, we only use high grade US made Nicotine and the finest Canadian made kosher VG/PG.

ODC's soul objective is to bring you a mouthful experience of joy for days...

"Tasty with a Chance of Clouds"

Ohm Boyz Drip City

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